About Us
Carlsbad Manufacturing Corporation is an industrial fabrication contractor with prototyping
capabilities in San Diego California along with welding fabrication and powder coating
capabilities in Mexico
and India.  This unique combination helps our customers gain an edge on
the competition by delivering Mexico
or India manufacturing cost without the inconvenience, risks,
and cost of dealing in a
foreign country.  

Meet with our manufacturing project managers at your facility while benefiting from the low costs
of Tijuana, Mexico manufacturing and powder coating.

As the cost of powder coating products in San Diego continues to rise many business are looking
towards Tijuana Mexico to have their products fabricated and powder coated.   Unfortunately, for
many small businesses their low volume requirements can not justify the cost of travelling over
the border into Tijuana, Mexico.  At Carlsbad Manufacturing we can provide you a US based
customer service and support group along with Tijuana, Mexico manufacturing and powder
coating that will help you reduce your costs.  

Research of consumers and the industry indicates that a product's finish is very important to
consumers when making a purchase decision. Consumers want products that are attractive,
durable, scratch-resistant and long-lasting. When they learn that a powder coated finish provides
these attributes and more, this is the finish they want.  Many of the US powder coatings appliers
face multiple challenges to maintain growth and profitability.  This due in part to the higher energy
costs to run the ovens, the increase cost of land, the higher labor cost and ever changing EPA
restriction.  This all translates into higher component cost for many small to medium size OEM
manufacturers that rely on US based product finishing.  

In a competitive market you need to make every effort to reduce cost and stay ahead of the
competition.  Thats why using Carlsbad Manufacturing Corporation for your industrial fabrication
need makes good business sense.  U
nited States based customer service combined with low
cost Tijuana, Mexico manufacturing is the best solution.  

Many of our customers have found that Carlsbad Manufacturing Corporation can provide them a
finished product for less then the cost of powder coating alone.  Our truck arrives in San Diego
once a week with all types of finished iron products ready to be sold or assembled.

If you are an OEM looking for a low cost welding contractor and powder coater Carlsbad
Manufacturing Corporation can save you money.  
We have worked with companies to reduce their
cost of  
window boxes, outdoor planters, exterior shutters  and hanging baskets.