Window Boxes
Carlsbad Manufacturing Corporation has made window boxes for numerous
retailers.  With window box manufacturing capabilities that include wood window
boxes, fiberglass window boxes, wrought iron window boxes and aluminum window
boxes Carlsbad manufacturing Corporation is a great source for window boxes.

Wood window boxes can be constructed using redwood, cedar or any wood species
that is durable in outdoor wet and moist environments.  If you are planing on painting
your window boxes it is best to make it out of a cedar because it is easy to paint and
resist rotting and insects. Redwood is also a good outdoor wood for window boxes.  
Redwood looks great unpainted and will last longer than most other wood species.  

Fiberglass window boxes can be manufactured with the most detail because they
are formed from a mold.  Fiberglass will last a long time in wet environments and
can be easily painted or finished in a metallic coating.  

window boxes also have great durability and can be painted.  They are limited to
 designs that consist of flat square shapes and trim molding designs.  PVC come in
a beautiful natural white color that looks great when unpainted.  

Wrought iron window boxes look great and add a unique charm to the front of a
house for added "Curb Appeal". Wrought Iron window boxes can be made in an
unlimited combination of curves straight lines and bends that can provide the
needed touch of old world iron accents.

window boxes are also a great option if the home owner is going for a
plantation or New Orleans style from porch.  Carlsbad Manufacturing Corporation
can manufacture window boxes with railing brackets for deck or porch installations.  

Carlsbad manufacturing will not make or sell just a few window boxes for an
individual home owner.  For all window box orders there is a 25+ piece minimum
order.  For individual customers that do not have large volume requirements please
visit one of or retailers.  Email us for a list of retailer that could provide you with the
window box product that you  need.